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Vinotemp Wine Cooler | 28 Bottle

by Alex

Vinotemp Wine Cooler 28 BottleVinotemp Wine Cooler 28 Bottle Visit Website
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Date published: 5/02/201
Review Rating:Vinotemp Wine Cooler 28 Bottle RatingVinotemp Wine Cooler 28 Bottle RatingVinotemp Wine Cooler 28 Bottle RatingVinotemp Wine Cooler 28 Bottle RatingWhynter Wine Cooler 21 Bottle Rating (4.5 / 5)

Summary: The Vinotemp 28 Bottle Wine Cooler is designed for longer term general storage of wine

Vinotemp Wine Coolers have released this great (VT-28TEDS) Thermo Electric Digital 28-Bottle fridge that is ideal for someone who wants to take care of a few expensive bottles in a smaller collection. The Thermoelectric cooling system reduces noise and keeps bottles from vibrating. Thermoelectric cooling is quieter and is also good for the environment as it doesn’t use ozone-depleting chemicals. Like most other Vinotemp Wine Coolers, this wine fridge also features dual paned glass doors to provide protection from UV light and also adds to energy efficiency. With a maximum ambient room temperature of  77 Deg F and a minimum of 55Deg F this unit also comes with a normal temperature fluctuation of 5 Deg F to prevent excessive cycling. With easy push-button controls and digital temperature display this Vinotemp wine fridge can easily be adjusted to a setting of your choice. Another great thing is that you can convert many Vinotemp Wine Coolers into cigar humidors by fitting them with optional wooden shelves (available from vinotemp).

What People Are Saying?

The majority of customer reviews of this product have been positive. One thing to remember is that it is normal for Vinotemp wine coolers to fluctuate and this fluctuation of 5 degrees prevents them from excessive cycling.  One reviewer was unhappy with this product and commented that it would be nice if it cooled – however other reviewers completely disagreed and find it hard to fault. One reviewer was very surprised at the amount of wine this cooler can actually fit, 2 magnums, 3 champagnes and 17 burgundy bottles. Another customer was so happy with this product that she bought two. One user said that this wine fridge is totally silent when she keeps it at a perfect European temperature setting of 60 Deg F.

Final Verdict?

Vinotemp Wine Coolers are designed for general storage of wine. They are NOT wine fridges for keeping white wine at a drinking temperature. In particular this model has a minimum temperature of 55Deg F (12Deg C) so it will extend the life of your wines by keeping them at  a constant cool temperature. The (VT-28TEDS) Thermo Electric Digital 28-Bottle Wine Cooler is  great for a wine enthusiast who needs to take care of  their premium wines.

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